Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wow, rounding the corner moments Part 1

I have had many what I call, Wow Rounding the corner moments.  I stepped back for 6 weeks around the holidays two years ago.  I took a break from several people and my church.  At the moment I was thinking that I just needed MORE More of something new,  Only a few people knew I was taking a break from Church as I work a lot of weekends.  It was during this time that the Lord used a podcast by a man in the church I was going to.  I could not sleep one night so I got on my phone which lead to facebook and a podcast on their website.  Ironically it was a testimony by a man I have known for 15 years. As I listened a hole in my heart was closed.  I have always felt that there was something wrong with me,  because I did not have a group of friends that I do stuff together with.  You know like a group of good friends that all know each other and do things together, shop together, grow together and do dinners, etc. You know "The as seen on T.V. group of chatty ladies in a crowded restaurant drinking Wine and visiting."  It was his story about his marriage and his tight bond between him and his wife. Same thing my husband and I have.  As he went through their story of the fact that they did not run in crowds either.  They clung to each other.  It was that moment a hole closed in my heart.  I do not need that TV movie story for myself of That group of close friends.  I just need my husband,  Do not get me wrong I have some very dear friends.  And even in this past year I have been blessed with some good new ones.  Good positive people and they are independent and good solid marriages as I have. This is important at this point of being a 46 year old gal.  For several years I have been ministering to very broken people and during this break I took I felt a peace in my heart to take a very needed break.   

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